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She’s wearing out the tambourine AND killing the footwork, this is next level praising!

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There’re plenty musicals, where race doesn’t matter, but I’m totally against color-blind casting in POTO, Les Mis and other shows where it harms the historical authenticity.

Wow. Really on point there. I mean, it’s not as if France has been interacting with the African continent since the 8th century, ESPECIALLY not to the point where French is listed as an official language for several large countries. And as we know, there was absolutely NO cultural mingling between Africa and France, especially none where Africans were integrated into French society. And CERTAINLY not to the point of being of high historical, social, and political status. 

Hell, it’s not like there were any black artists of any kind in the 19th century.  The idea of black people being artists just hadn’t even been invented yet! And as we all know, there were absolutely no POC in the original Phantom of the Opera novel by Gaston Leroux, most definitely none that played major roles and altered the course of the plot. 

Good on you, OP. Truly you stand to uphold the gold standard of historical accuracy!

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